Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Future ??

The Future. Everyone is talking about it. hate it.
Although I am excited for the future and slight, marginally scared, I dislike it when people ask me my career choice (acting of course) I have had friends and even teachers laugh when I told them about what I want to pursue-I have even been summoned to my geography teachers office and been given a long lecture on how my chosen profession is stupid and will not lead to anywhere.
I go to a school where everything is core curriculum related (meaning maths/English/science) and they make you feel bad about not being academic, not just bad terrible in fact.
I have been certain about my future ever since I was 10.I want to go to Guildhall University! I even have the prospectus (if Guildhall was a person he/she would have filed a retraining order as I have stalked it so much) The building and the diversity of the school seems AmAzInG  and although only a minimal amount of people get in I am going to try so hard and try and succeed.
 There has been so much GCSE talk at the moment and I have decided to choose Spanish, R.E, Drama and History as well as the norms .I don’t know weather they are good but I love all the subjects.
 I can’t wait to finish school and go to sixth form – I have managed o persuade my parents into letting me audition for the BRIT school or Arts Ed when I am 16 which I am extremely excited about J The girls at my school are really bitchy, they basically make you feel terrible about yourself. At the moment everyone is trying to be indie and wear like grungey clothes and get everything from American apparel (which is hella expensive-the jeans are like $$$ and they aren’t even that good material) so if you aren’t indie and have loads of  money to spend on clothes (some of my friends get given like 100 pounds a month pocket money and I am not even joking) you are basically no one.They thing is I’d prefer to get extra acting tuition etc than have clothes which will only be in fashion for a few months. It makes me feel crap at school but when I am performing it is something that doesn’t compare to anything material.
 Like I said the girls aren’t nice even my friends make fun of me for performing they say that I just want to be rich and famous, sometimes I get upset about what they say but then I am thankful they help me get somewhere for example when I am performing a sad monologue its them who will get me to a state of tears.I am a better performer because of them.

Rant overrr ahaha 
Bye x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Introducing me...

I don’t know where to start
So Hi??!!
I guess I want to write about something I really like and hopefully continue as a career: performing. At school I get made fun of it a bit so I basically have no-where that I can express my love for it.(I am really starting to sound like a drama queen)I have decided to make the blog anonymous so no one from school can find me etc. but I have decided that I will reveal myself at 100,000 followers on blogger (mwahahah now you all have to follow me)So I will start with the basics: My name is ///// and I am fourteen years old, my main passion (that sounds really cringy) is acting but I love singing and dance too and I am currently writing a screenplay for a short film that I will hopefully be directing soon.I guess that’s all you need to know, I am a really boring person but if you ever want to talk about ‘the biz’ just drop me a email at